Coco’s Journey – 8 Years & Counting

During the recent lockdown, Coco passed it’s 5 year milestone at our Scott St clinic. With the clinic closed at that time, we were able to reflect on Coco’s journey so far. Many of you may know that Scott St is our second premise. Coco originally opened in 2012 in a small shop front in Merewether with just two rooms under the name ‘Coco Skin & Laser Clinic’. Prior to opening Sarah had spent a number of years training out at Lake Macquarie Dermatology with Dr John Relic and Sciton USA. With many clients travelling from town to Lake Macquarie for laser treatments we saw an opportunity to open Coco. We had one receptionist and one laser to begin with and were one of the very first cosmetic clinics in the area. Over the next three years, many aspects of the clinic would grow. As our knowledge expanded, so did our service offering, the number of clientele enjoying treatment and our amazing team, prompting our move into the city in 2015 where our second and current premises were born.

What a ride it was to relocate Coco during the 2015 superstorm that disrupted Newcastle! We learnt a lot about ourselves and what it truly takes to pull off such a move when nature is throwing the kitchen sink at you. No amount of leaks or delivery delays could stop us. And by us, we mean our amazing team and the large number of local businesses that helped us to pull it off. We saw a lot of the Novocastrian spirit shine through with a lot of people pitching in an extra effort out of kindness. One particular example that stood out involved the delivery of our treatment beds (very large and awkward items). The storm was in full flight, all of the freight options were grounded (or floating in flooded waters) and the owner of our local supplier personally drove our order to our door over the weekend with the help of his teenage relatives. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to open the doors, but thankfully we did. We opened on time and experienced an amazing start to the five years that we have now enjoyed at our current location.


Over the years we have continued to adapt, changing our brand, our name and our approach to include more holistic offerings as we have grown to understand the intrinsic link between health and beauty. We have also come to realise, that growth doesn’t always have to mean adding more. A large part of what we are about at Coco involves recognising where less is more.

With two Dermatologists, four registered nurses and another nurse soon to graduate, two dermal therapists, three client support consultants and another two administration staff working behind the scenes, Coco has evolved into a place defined more by its people rather than it’s four walls. A place where thousands of Novocastrians frequent to improve the health of their skin.

We would like to say thank you to all of our clients old and new who support us and who help make Coco what it is today. We feel so grateful that you have chosen the Coco team to lead your skin and health journey over the past 8 years.

We also would like to thank our amazing team who give so much care and love in everything they do, without them Coco wouldn’t be the same.

What an amazing journey it has been so far, we cannot wait to see what the future holds! We will leave you with this quote that we feel rings true to both our Coco journey and the many journeys of life, when you follow your heart amazing things can happen. With love
The Coco team x

“There is more than one way up the mountain, we each must choose a path that’s true to our heart” – Elle Sommer.

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