Are you wanting to learn more about how your skin functions or which cosmetic treatments, technologies, skincare and lifestyle tips are currently on offer to help you improve your skin health?

Coco offers 45 minute skin consultations for you to discuss your skin health and goals for treatment with our team of highly experienced Registered Nurses. We take a personalised approach by exploring your existing routines and rituals around skin health and take a glance at your daily lifestyle through in depth discussion to review how this impacts your skin both positively and negatively. Our Registered Nurses also take a detailed medical history that is tailored specifically to mapping your skin. They may capture a series of clinical photographs to mark a visual baseline to compare with any future results and images. All skin consultation photography utilises Coco's state of the art imaging system which allows you to view your skin through specialty image filters that reveal characteristics of your skin such as pigmentation, sun damage and vascular components that are both visible and invisible to the naked eye. This is useful for highlighting areas in the early stages of change or decline.

Our skin consultation aims to capture a detailed profile of your skin and all influencing factors to best inform our team in prescribing you a treatment plan that is effective. We take a results based approach and help you achieve your healthiest skin so that you can enjoy feeling more confident, content and comfortable within your skin.

All treatment journeys at Coco begin with a skin consultation as no two skin profiles are the same and capturing the right information is crucial to delivering excellent results. In order to achieve great outcomes for each and every client, a tailored treatment plan is always recommended which may utilise one or two treatments or a range of different treatments depending on the goals for treatment.

Book a comprehensive skin consultation at Coco online today to secure an appointment with one of our Registered Nurses. Learn about your skin and discover a wide range of services that can help you achieve your skin goals.


Do I need a skin consultation before all treatments?

Consultations are required for the majority of treatments available at Coco. Once we have mapped your skin profile in your initial consultation, we are usually able to create your following bookings more easily without requiring any more consultations however, for various treatments, additional consultations may be required depending on the nature and risks involved.

There are a range of treatments that do not require consultations, these are a selection of beauty treatments such as our brow bar service, massage and reiki etc. Please call Coco on 4927 8088 if you're unsure whether or not you require an initial consultation.

Can I have treatment on the same day as my skin consultation?

Yes, although this is subject to availability. Please let us know in advance if you wish to have treatment on the same day as your skin consultation. The nature of the treatment and the pre-treatment guidelines can also dictate whether or not treatment can be received on the same day as your consultation.

I have chosen the service that I want, can I just book in to have that treatment without a consultation?

We offer many versatile treatments that are suitable for all skin types, however, we have a wide range of treatments that aren't suitable for all skin types and all circumstances. It is important the our Registered Nurses (RNs) have an opportunity to profile your skin and discuss with you your goals for treatment in a skin consultation. Our RNs will then be able to recommend a suitable treatment plan and explain all of your options to you in line with your goals for treatment.

How much does a consultation cost?

Consultations cost $50. You are able to save this amount by offsetting this cost against your treatment if you either have your treatment on the day of your consultation or if you book your treatment on the day of your consultation and pay a deposit.